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I don't like my food!! :( I like mumma's food!! :) I eat plain old seed! :( My mumma eats toast and crackers and cruskits and nutri-grain and ..

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I need to know the percentage (by weight) of pellets, seeds, veggies, and fruits to feed to my cockatiels and budgie. They all share the same food (yes, they do ...

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Parrot Forum • View topic - Truly definitive food list?

The Parrot Forum covers all species of parrots including budgie, parakeet, cockatiel, conure, senegal parrot, poicephalus, amazon, african grey, ...

Cockatiel diet and health (In need of help!) - Parrot Forums

Sweet potato is healthy and starchy and many birds like it. Corn is also a favorite. I would tear up romaine or spinach and mix in seeds so bird ...

Parrot Forum • View topic - Budgie Diet Questions and Concerns

I'm currently trying to get my birds to eat fruit and veggies. And I just have some questions concerning their diet.

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... bird store located in Broadview Heights, Ohio since 2010. We offer a selection of birds from finches and Avian Avenue Parrot Forum ...

Fresh foods list for my Jenday! - Parrot Forums

We feed Sweety(our jenday conure) some fresh fruits and veggies already along with his seed/pellet mix, but we would love to expand his ...

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... Avian Avenue Parrot Forum Free 7–10 day delivery over $49 Poicephalus. Red Belly Poicephalus. Senegal Poicephalus. Ruppell's Poicephalus. 0 ...